Welcome to Miserden Morris’ new website! We will keep this site updated with practices, dates that we will be dancing out and other news. Keep an eye on our calendar and gallery to keep up to date with what we are doing!

Members of Gloucestershire Mixed Morris can sign up and log in to discuss dance-out dates and other important issues.

Let us know if you come across any issues with the site, enjoy!

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  1. Simon UPTON
    Simon UPTON says:

    As the side’s ‘Foreman’ and as an ex-teacher (retired), I feel I should point out the 2 spellings of practice/practise.

    At our practices (noun!), we practise (verb) how to dance.

    On this page, the wrong spelling has been chosen.

    Otherwise this is a brilliant development for the side. Now we need to publicise it to our non-Facebook members.

  2. Philip Lort
    Philip Lort says:

    Congrats one and all. Wish I was there to join you. Nevermind…will be out to watch when you head up towards Tewks.

  3. Crumpet, son of Trumpet and his groom, Colin Lodge
    Crumpet, son of Trumpet and his groom, Colin Lodge says:

    I hope you will have a bag of oats for me when we meet in sometime in the future. My groom, Colin, says “good luck with the venture ” and he wants to dance out with you sometime.

    Neiggggghhhhhhhhh brrrrrrrrrrr!


    (Do you know how difficult it is to sign with a shoe print on a computer?)


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